About Us

Current situation

There is a school history and archives group and a research and development group, and the key businesses are as follows:

  • School History and Archives Section
    • The collection, archiving, collection, digitization, and promotion services of school history cultural relics. The collection includes cultural relics related to school affairs of the school. As of October 110, there are more than 10,000 records in the collection of materials.
    • Introduce archive theory for organization and management, promote value-added services for digitization and creation of special content, and provide high-quality storage, collection and reading space.
    • The collection and digitization of archives and historical materials, the establishment of an archive retrieval system to provide services and applications, the handling of exhibitions on precious archives, the promotion of the dissemination of archive content information, and the development of a professional archives collection agency.
  • Research and Development Section
    • Establish the university's academic data research system, including NCCU Academic Hub, digital humanities platform, etc., to showcase the university's academic output and research energy, and develop a diversified digital research environment and tools.
    • Makerspace provides a variety of new equipment, etc., in line with the nature of the school's disciplines, and actively cooperates with the school's relevant course professors to stimulate the interest of teachers and students, and cultivate diverse talents across fields.

Future outlook

  • Promote the construction of the "Zhengda Memory" digital platform and the "Zhengda Development Hall" exhibition space, taking into account physical collections and digital content services, and creating a multi-functional venue for exhibitions, conferences, and performances.
  • Continue to enter the archives of Tibet, strengthen the research resources of modern history of the National Chengchi University, and increase the academic importance, and move towards the goal of the important center of modern history research.
  • The academic integration platform will be upgraded to the core version of DSpace-CRIS (Current Research Information System) in the future, which will help to strengthen the search engine optimization ranking, and increase the click-through rate and international visibility of the academic integration of Zhengzhou University.
  • Makerspace continues to offer relevant courses and workshops to assist teachers and students in the school to contact and operate maker equipment, hoping to maximize educational resources and cultivate the diversified ability of interdisciplinary and cross-field learning for teachers and students of the school.