Copy Service




Staff, student and alumni of NCCU

General public

Search and copying of electronic resources

Search charge: Free of charge

Copying: NT$1/page

Search charge: NT$50/hour (minimum charge of 1hour)

Copying: NT$1/page

Colorful copying

A4-NT$5/page  ;  A3-NT$15/page

Copying of microfilm material*Note3

Usage charge: Free of charge



Usage charge: NT$50/hour (minimum charge of 1hour)




Usage charge: Free of charge

Usage charge: NT$50/hour (minimum charge of 1hour)

Coin Lockers

With lock: NT$10Refundable (deposited items to be retrieved on the same day)※Coin 10 limited

  • Note1:In the event of any changes in the aforementioned standard charges, the public announcement of the center shall be taken as the basis.
  • Note2:Staff, student and alumni of NCCU please show NCCU relevant documents when using the aforementioned chargeable services. If NCCU documents are not shown, the general public rates will apply.
  • Note3:Due to the increased in cost of toner and maintenance, adjustment in microfilm material copying charges has been approved since 2003/05/01.

Price and sales location of photocopy card :

1.Photocopy Card Vending Machine Service

  1. Location: 2F Microforms Services and Information Retrieval of SSIC, 2F Photocopy corner of Main Library, Photocopy room of Commerce Library, 1F Internet Resource Retrieving Room of Social Sciences Library.
  2. Price: NT$100 for one card. Available to individuals inside or outside of the University.A4 or B4-NT$1/page; A3-NT$2/page. Printing on 2 sides costs the price of 2 pages.
  • Note1: SSIC only offers photocopy card vending machine service, please ask the staff on 2F Microforms Services and Informational Retrieval of SSIC if receipt is needed.
  • Note2:No Designated Personnel Card Sales Service, please contact withHUXEN Corporation (02)2742-0688 for refunding card (Handling fee NT$15 for used card).
  • Note3:Please comply with the intellectual property right regulations.